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For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us who are saved it is the power of God….. (KJV)

It was on 28th February, 2002 at 1:58pm during a lunch hour fellowship in Kampala city after being lured by a friend called Wafula Fredrick. My conversion was not one of the easiest to celebrate as my own parents had requested me to take Christ as my savior but only to keep a deaf ear. This prompted my mother to cause for a one week fasting and prayer at our local church by a group of women but still this did not work immediately until 8 years passed by. When I eventually accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, it’s when I got to hear such moving testimony on how people spent days and nights fasting and praying for my salvation.

On that fateful day of my conversion, during the lunch hour fellowship as Pastor Imelda Namutebi of Liberty Worship Center International was preaching and as she made an alter call at around 1:50pm, I heard a thing by then I did not know that it was the Holy Spirit telling me, “Abel today you either get saved or else you will die”. I looked here and there to see where my close friend Fredrick was seated but he was nowhere to be seen. The Pastor insisted for the alter call and no one that put up his/her hand save for Abel.


Divine Center Ministries International (DCMI) came as result of Divine intervention. Originally, I thought I was just meant to be an Associate Pastor working under another Senior Leader. It was not until April, 2017 during the early morning prayers with others at home, where the Spirit of God descended upon one of us that I had concentrated on other personal issues and neglected God’s service.  He further went on to say that “I was late for two years the schedule”. Immediately, after prayers, I decided to look for funds and start on the registration process.

The registration began and by 27th May, 2017 everything was ready. When you listen and obey God’s voice, you will never go wrong! As I was contemplating on what next and how to begin looking that I did not have enough funds to facilitate the beginning of a church in Kampla,  I received a phone call from one of the Pastors I had last met six years ago.

He had a team of other Ministers all six in number, and they wanted to meet me for a meeting so that I could be their overseer since they had ministries/churches with no any formal registration or being attached to any foundation. Indeed, they needed a tall person to help them achieve their dream.

But before he called me, the previous two days, God had spoken to me that I should reach him by a phone call and see if we could work together. I was extremely amazed at the workings of the Holy Spirit when he too was led by the Spirit of God to reach me first!


ON or around 14th June, 2017, we had a meeting of Nine Pastors in Kiboga where they requested me to work with me as their Overseer and from there the mission was done on 21st June, 2017 to Kashawo Mubende district where we launched our first Church in an overnight prayer.

From that very moment, I saw the working hand of God and in the next three Months, we had opened other three branches in Mubende to date, From Mubende, we went to Mpumudde Sub-County, Lyantonde district and the fourth branch was opened. In October, 2017, the Mbarara Municipality branch was also launched successfully and we invade Ishaka, Bushenyi district in October, 2017 and another branch was opened.

In November, 2017, another branch was launched in Kyabugimbi-Bushenyi district which also produced a sister branch in the same sub-county among others


Right from the word go, I did not have any specific sources of funds for this great task of the Lord but the moment I obeyed, I saw His hand at work. Among all the churches we started, all of them are sitting on their permanent homes apart from two churches in Bushenyi. God worked in a miraculous way and used non believers of Catholic religion to donate pieces of lands to us! I do thank the Holy Spirit for His working miracles.

To my astonishment, every time, there is a ministry mission, God provides in a mysterious way and provides what is required for the Ministry.

When I had started, God touched a certain Children’s organization that donated assorted goods such as basins, clothes for children, adults, women, shoes, among others three times in big quantities and distributed all of them to two churches in Mubende and Lyantonde where families were badly off


The DCMI branches are supervised monthly where by every month, I and my headquarter team must visit every branch once in a month for three days from Friday to Sunday after service. We hold an overnight prayer on Friday night, seminar on Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm, and still at night on Saturday, we hold an overnight service up to 3:00am and then finally Sunday service on Sunday and thereafter, we come back to Kampala.

This system is helping me to keep a clear coordinated system with all the branches and the pastoral and other ministers’ team



Experience God’s Wisdom each day as you are lead by the Holy Spirit. Walk effortlessly into success and happiness and understand the Father’s love for you.


Jesus came and fulfilled the laws, the only one who could keep the laws so that in Him we can be made righteous and not have to suffer death for our sins.


It may sound good to Mankind to be self-occupied. But God wants you to be Christ-Occupied and receive all of your blessings through resting in the work of Jesus.




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